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  • Try our new favorite: Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Coffee

    Have you tasted our Ethiopian Konga natural Yirgacheffe yet? We think it’s rather special. It’s even been compared to “a hoppy IPA”. Read more

  • Let us introduce you to our new summer menu

    Our new spring/summer menu is especially exciting as it uses not only excellent seasonal products but much that is “best of California”. Read more

  • Wood fired oven pizza

    I first experienced the amazing versatility and cooking capabilities of wood fired ovens on my travels in Italy and I’ve been in love with them ever since.

    Me and my team here are all wood fired oven fanatics because we believe they really can make your lives and cooking more enjoyable. From the incredible texture and flavours you get from cooking next to the wood, to the fun events they inspire you to have.

    Try our pizza dishes with authentical italian flavour here at LemonChili.

    Hope to see you soon. Read more

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